The Prize of Geneva for human rights in psychiatry

The Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry is intended to acknowledge an individual (with no restriction as to gender, age or nationality), or an institution or association (with governmental or non-governmental status) for exceptional achievement at regional, national or international level in :

  • Promoting equity and humane qualities of care for people with mental illness
  • Reducing negative discrimination of the mentally ill
  • Defending the rights of people with mental illness, and supporting the application of ethical principles in psychiatric services.

The Prize consists of a diploma, an invitation to a World Congress of Psychiatry and a monetary reward. It is awarded once every three years, usually during the World Congress of Psychiatry. A scientific or cultural event related to the goals of the Foundation may complete the presentation ceremony.

The Prize is funded by the Republic & Canton of Geneva (Switzerland) through the Geneva University Hospital, by the Swiss Federation of Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, by the members of the Geneva Medical Association (AMGE), and by other donors.

The next Award will be presented to the winner during the World Congress of Psychiatry on october 1st 2023 in Vienna.

Guidelines for nominations may be found here


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